Education and public outreach is both fun and important to me. For one thing, talking to the public prevents me from losing the ability to translate from "geek" to "normal" after a day in front the computer!   I try to take part in public events, including lecture series and impact cratering demonstrations for schools. I'll sporadically post videos to my YouTube Channel. I also teamed up with the Planetary Science Institute to construct an Impact rock kit, that can be rented out (FREE!):

I have also been an adjunct lecturer of astrobiology at the University of Arizona.  This course explores questions about the origin, evolution, and future of life on Earth and the possibility of life arising independently elsewhere in the Universe. In class we examine what it means for a planet to be habitable, both in terms of basic necessities for living organisms to function and environmental limits to their ability to survive. The course also includes a review of the different approaches for searching for life within the Solar System and beyond using direct and remote sensing techniques. For more details about the planetary science courses available at the University of Arizona, please go to the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory's site and follow the tabs Academics > Undergraduate.

​EducAtion and Public Outreach​

(Left) Fun with vortices at the Pima Air and Space Museum (Centre) fossilized stromatolites in Glacier National Park, Montana.  Stromatolites are mats of shallow sea algae that grow in pillars, some are billions of years old and are early evidence for photosynthetic life on Earth! (Right) Backpacking the Gila Wilderness. This little guy is a horned lizard who shoots blood from their eyes if they get scared.  I was NOT told this prior to posing for the photograph.​

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