Studying the many moons and planets of our Solar System means looking at lots of data returned from space missions.  i.e. Desk work.  But, all the hypotheses created from these data need testing somehow... and that is a great reason to get out from behind my desk and get into the field! 

As a nursing mother (c. 2018), it can be a challenge to maintain the balance between bringing home the 'bacon' and bringing home enough milk for my Little One each day. But once I get out from behind my desk and into the field, it becomes even tougher. There are some excellent resources out there for nursing mothers on deployment, on travel, and in the field in general. This blog page will host my experiences of being a nursing mother in one field site in particular:  In a freezing cold tent, In The Middle of Nowhere, Greenland.  


Want to know more about the SIIOS project itself?

I'm going to Greenland to test seismometers, intended for use on landed space missions to other solar system bodies, as part of the SIIOS Team (SIIOS = Seismometer to Investigate Ice and Ocean Structure).

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First post being written now...  Please check back soon! 

Ice, Ice, Baby?

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