Jupiter and its icy moons

The morphology and formation of craters on Ganymede and Europa was the focus of my PhD thesis, completed at Imperial College London. I use computer modelling and analysis of topographic profiles created from Voyager and Galileo data to assess crater formation on Ganymede and Europa, and to obtain an estimate of how thick the ice crust of Europa might be! My Post-doc focused on the formation of a morphological type of impact crater seen almost exclusively on the icy Galilean satellites around Jupiter, and on Mars - Central pit craters.  

Future missions to this region of the solar system are being planned now and I'm thrilled for the potential for more data from the icy satellites!  I'm involved with mission design and instrument development, including the Seismometer to Investigate Ice and Ocean Structure (SIIOS). My role in these projects combines my science background and my mission operations experience to plan terrestrial analogue field tests and on-mission data collection. 

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DR Veronica Bray