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Office Phone: (1) 520 626 1967

Twitter:  @SpaceNerdAtWork​
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, 
1541 E. University Blvd.,
Tucson, AZ 85721

DR Veronica Bray


I am currently working at the HiRISE Operations Center (HiROC) where the dedicated HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) team reside! I am studying the features of fresh and well-preserved Martian impact craters (such as alluvial fans, viscous flow features, exposed bedrock layers and ponded regions of pitted material). Most of this work uses HiRISE and CTX images and DTMs. I also utilise CRISM spectral data to tell me more about the composition of the martian surface and sub-surface regions exposed by impact craters. 

I am also one of the Targeting Specialists who take suggestions from the science team and the public and instruct HiRISE which images of Mars to collect. If you would like your chosen picture of Mars taken by the HiRISE camera then just submit your suggestion here:  https://www.uahirise.org/hiwish/